New steps towards global research in higher education

A delegation led by Sh. Yakubov, Director of the Centre for the Research on Development of Higher Education, is participating in the VIII Global Higher Education Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This forum, which is held under the theme “Restoring Equity – Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic Period”, has brought together leading specialists and experts in the field of higher education from more than 17 countries of the world.
During the forum, a joint roadmap was signed between Universiti Sains Malaysia, ranked 137th in the QS International University Rankings, and Centre for the Research on Development of Higher Education.
This roadmap is designed for 5 years and sets out specific objectives for the parties to conduct joint research, organise exchange of researchers, improve the quality of education and share experiences in accreditation, organise joint seminars and webinars towards capacity building in higher education.


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