In the direction of digitizing activities


The effective use of information and communication technologies is one of the important tasks of the higher education system, including the activities of the Center. In this regard, 4 directions were identified, and two of them were launched – the platforms “” and “”:

– Through the platform “” digitized the process of recommending the publication of educational literature. Through this platform the examination of educational literature, i.e., textbooks and teaching aids prepared by professors and teachers of higher educational institutions is carried out. A special certificate from the Ministry is issued for the publication of positively evaluated literature in electronic form.

– Information and resource centers of all state higher educational institutions are united as a result of the launch of the electronic library system “”. In the future, more than 4 million pieces of literature available in all higher education institutions will be fully electronic and placed on a single platform. Every professor and student will have access to it.

There are two more platforms: “Study in Uzbekistan” and “”:

– A special website “Study in Uzbekistan” will be launched. This special website is designed to attract young people from foreign countries to get higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It contains information on fields of knowledge, educational directions, specialties, procedure of admission, duration and peculiarities as well as web-pages of all higher education institutions providing important information for foreign youth.

– The platform “” will be introduced. Thanks to this platform the system of scientific Olympiads among students of higher educational institutions will be created in electronic form. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Olympiad at their place of study without having to go far away to the regions.

Recently another convenience was created for graduates of higher education institutions. A new procedure for obtaining duplicates of diplomas of higher, specialized secondary and vocational education was introduced. Under the new rules, citizens wishing to obtain a duplicate diploma apply through state service centers or a single portal of interactive public services (i.e., the site “”), and do not need to go to the educational institution for a duplicate. Citizens can take a duplicate of the diploma from the authorized body within 10 working days after submitting the application, and also, depending on their desire, the finished duplicate of the diploma can be delivered to the address of residence by the postal service.