The diploma duplicate will be issued through

The administrative regulation of the provision of state services on issuing duplicate documents on higher, secondary special and professional education was approved by the government decision (No. 395, 21.07.2022). (

According to the regulations, individuals who have graduated from an educational institution, whose document proving their education (diploma, certificate) has been lost or become invalid, whose surname, first name, patronymic have changed, must submit a copy of the document to state service centers or YIDXP ( applies through

The duplicate has the same legal force as the original.

An electronic signature is not required when the applicant fills out the questionnaire through YIDXP.

A fee of 1 BHM (300,000 soums) is charged for public service.

Failure to pay the fee is grounds for denial of service.

If the questionnaire contains incorrect information, the applicant will be given 5 working days to correct it.

A duplicate of the document will be drawn up within 10 working days from the receipt of the questionnaire and the applicant will be informed about it.

The applicant takes a duplicate of the educational document from the authorized body.

At the request of the applicant, a duplicate of the educational document can be sent by the authorized body through the postal service. In this case, the applicant pays the postage.

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