The Central Bank called on card holders to be vigilant

According to the Central Bank, it is not possible to register from the mobile application or link the card to the mobile application without entering the one-time verification code sent to the registered phone number of the bank card holder via SMS.

Sufficient measures are currently taken to ensure the security of bank cards. It is not possible to withdraw or manage funds on a bank card without using the bank card information and its PIN code, without linking it to mobile applications. In particular, a one-time confirmation code is sent to the owner of the bank card to use the bank card through mobile applications. It is not possible to link the card to the mobile application account without entering this code within the specified time period.

Cases of withdrawal of money from bank cards are observed as a result of some citizens trusting fraudsters and disclosing their card information.

In order to prevent fraud, when the bank receives a plastic card, it is necessary to connect the SMS notification service only to its phone number. The one-time verification code received via SMS should not be disclosed to anyone. Because the employees of the bank or payment organization will never ask for the confirmation codes sent to you, the full number and validity period of your card. Read the SMS message carefully. It will provide information about your card transaction and a verification code. Do not disclose this code to anyone under any circumstances.

Remember, it’s a good idea to use strong passwords when using a bank or payment institution’s mobile apps.

Also, only use your own device to access your account registered in the mobile app.

Use only official, trusted sites to purchase goods or services online. If you’ve been provided with a link to make a payment or charge your card, please check it again. It is necessary to verify that the offered web page is official.

Do not open suspicious links sent to you through social networks and various messengers. You should not give out any information when asked to tell you your transfer card numbers and expiry date or that a code has been sent for verification purposes.


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